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One of the best rapid prototyping manufacturer in China.The Best Value OEM Rapid Prototyping Service for R&D. 

Yuxin Wright dedicated to R&D and production of industrial prototypes,and continiously apply the advanced manufacturing technologies and innovations to industrial customers demand. Our company is one of the top industrial prototype manufacturers in China and has strong competitiveness in overseas market.We have accumulated rich experiences in the research field of high_precision processing technology for new special industrial engineering materials. We provide the most optimized service solutions for our high-end clients including the services of prototypes and multiple small batch of fast production.The applications range Auto parts,UAV drone,Consumer electronics,Communication device,Civil aviation parts,Special equipment,Medical instrument,Electric tools,New energy equipment,Automation industry etc.


Kun shan Yuxin Wright Industrial Prototype Co., Ltd. is providing the customized service to the both domestic and worldwide industrial companies. The enterprises in high_end design and customized manufacturing have the demand of varied prototypes and small batch parts with multi_spec. According to the  design process and purpose, or the customized order, this kind of demand is with the features of “multi_spec, little quantity, high quality and short leadtime” , which we define as “high_end discrete demand”. For such orders, it's hard to adjust the production lines quickly for the mass production companies, andit's also hard to meet the quality requirement for the traditional mills.


Since the company founded, we are concentrating the design and production for the industrial prototypes and applying the advanced manufacturing technologies and innovations to the costomers demand. Kunshan Yuxin Wright Industrial Prototype Co., Ltd. is the top Industrial prototype manufacturer with strong international competitiveness. We have accumulated abundant experience in the high_precision technology with  new special industrial engineering materials research field , continuously providing the most optimized service solutions for the prototypes and fast production of the varied small batch demand to the high_grade costomers from the 3C products, automobile accessory, civil avation accessory/special equipment, medical instrument, electrical tools, new energy equipment and automation industries.

Since the company start_up, we witnessed and participated in the development of fast production industry. We devote to continuouslly build the largest and the most advanced fast production base in China, supporting the domestic  and worldwide “high_end discrete demand” timely and rapidly with the 24 hours uninterrupted production throughout the year.